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Welcome to Emergence Arts Collective, a safe space for creatives to share resources and experiences, uplift each other through great challenges in our labors of love, and continue to inspire art and wonder into our communities.

Kelly M. Coffey is a photographer, creative healing life coach, and Founder & Director of Emergence Arts and vedhead Photography.

What has been a lifetime passion to bring arts to the masses is now my life mission. Art and photography are healing practices I’ve used to explore and realign my values and meditate, contemplate, and process life’s lessons.

Art is an expression of vulnerable communications and can be used to facilitate tough, but very much needed conversations.

Art can be culinary, musical, fashion, yoga, the printed or spoken word, as well as photography, performance, dance, and film making. Art enables us to be as strange as we want, to reconstruct our ideas – the ideas of who we are, how we identify, what our relation is to the people we pass, and pave the paths ahead of us. Art is a lifeline. It helps clear the mind, spirit, and heart so as to create space for all things fresh and new.


There’s power in the organized collective – Peace is the Mission. Are you ready to express yourself?

Alice Amplified

Emergence Arts Presents Alice Amplified!

May 2019, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Curated by Kelly M. Coffey

Artist Showcase: Luisa C. Baptista, Emily Callaghan, Edward R. Coffey, Dante Gallo, Rosa Mandala Huffman, Jim Richards, Found Art.


From this moment forward you are no longer an extra in your life story. You are the lead.

Bravo! To those who deconstruct the concept of life taught to them so to rebuild lives of joy and value, in pursuit of their dreams, not others' expectations. Guided by a blind compass, we find the courage to expand our understanding of all life has to offer, to make something from nothing.

Alice Amplified! is a celebration of our stories and the grit and grace it takes to grow into the best versions of ourselves and build solid foundations for future generations. To take a passion and turn it into a career, to expand, to construct, to take flight! 

You are cordially invited to the pop-up Emergence Arts Gallery at Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn for the first ever art gallery and opening exhibition. Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19! 11 AM - 6 PM EST.


Curated by Kelly M. Coffey

Artist Showcase: Luisa C. Baptista, Emily Callaghan, Edward R. Coffey, Kelly M. Coffey, Maureen Dillon, Jonathan Lessuck, and Jim Richards.

What happens after you've laid waste to your whole reality

in pursuit of The Dream?


When you found the freedom to fly, did you spread your wings to take flight?


Summon courage as we find new truths in ourselves, a spiritual emergence with new life, who are we now?


Be brave in the re-embodiment of yourself. Your climb has only begun.


Gather MOMENTUM! Run toward the eye of the storm.


Exhibit Open at pop-up Emergence Arts Gallery, Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Saturday, October 26th. 4-8 P.M. EST



October 2019, Sunset Park, Brooklyn



Emergence is an intimate portrait of self-directed creative Kelly M. Coffey, a collection of images which showcase her life’s greatest achievements and uncertainties. Inspired by unexpected transformative chaos, Kelly’s photos unveil the world as seen through her eyes, each image revealing fractured wonderment and joyful curiosities in survival and the reinvention of self.


Join us for vedhead Photography's first sola exhibition and honor creatives showcasing what happens when we stay in pursuit of our dreams and never give up! The journey starts from a newly emerged insight and OFF WE GO! Final destination Big aLICe Barrel Room for a night of drinking, dancing, and storytelling with vedhead Photography and  Thousand Dollar Dinners with talented, local musician Matt Sucich.


Friday, January 10th, 2020 Big Alice Brewing, Brooklyn, NY 11232

January 2020, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Herstories: International Women's Day 2020

Curated by Kelly M. Coffey

Artist Showcase: Kelly M. Coffey, Julie Cousens, Maureen Dillon, Kate Dubois, Dante Gallo, Jim Richards,

You are cordially invited to join us to celebrate the women we love, respect, and are owed admiration daily.

We give thanks to the trailblazers, warriors, mothers of the revolution, and for breaking every glass ceiling.

Be Phenomenally YOU, unapologetically, always.


March 2020, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Madness is Genius: Quarantine 2020

Madness is Genius

June 2020, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Curated by Kelly M. Coffey

Artist Showcase: Jeffrey Burdian, Kelly M. Coffey, Jim Richards


This exhibit was inspired by a Marilyn Monroe quote - Madness is Genius. Personally my time in isolation and having to adapt so quickly while at the mercy of D.C., Albany and NYC's mayor left me feeling quite mad. Straight up down the rabbit hole insane. But being resilient and creative, I've always found the silver linings when they're just not there. Show me what you've been doing, what have you created while going mad, and what do you have to say about the state of things today?

Jeffrey Burdian: Togetherness


January 2021

Curated by Kelly M. Coffey

Artist Showcase Solo Jeffrey Burdian


Growing up in New York, Jeffrey's work has been inspired by the street art and rave culture of the 1980’s and 90’s, as well as having a strong family bond being raised by a dedicated mom and father who served as an officer in the US Coast Guard. Jeffrey aims to be honest about his perception of the world around him which is shaped by the lens of New York City. He continues to present his art with the hope we strengthen the unity of our greater world following guidance of individuals like Martin Luther King Jr. With these inspirations, he seeks to spread love and kindness in the spirit of the NYC club scene he had the good fortune to experience as a youth growing up in such a diverse city.

Togetherness represents Jeffrey's courageous commitment of work toward a more unified spirit in spite of all our perceived differences. This show celebrates diversity, unity, and love!

Curated by Kelly M. Coffey

Artist Showcase Solo Eric Schram

While the weather forecast this morning in Brooklyn is a whopping 18°F, Emergence Arts and Colorful Void are working to bring you the Big aLICe Art Gallery's latest art show virtually and beyond.


Invite vibrancy back to your daily routine by awakening your creative eye and take part in the adventures known as the Colorful Void! Introducing artwork created by Eric Schram, a Brooklyn based artist that unites abstract art with imaginative storytelling told from other worlds, paints a picture of our heroes as they embark on adventures throughout different dimensions and abstract places. There are unimaginable spectrums of stories and characters, exciting new journeys to take part in, and plenty of space create our wildest dreams - so why not start right now?


Please join us Monday, February 1st, 2021 to view the psychedelic Colorful Void Collection, chat with the artist Eric, and find out more about what adventures await beyond the void on Instagram Live: @emergence.arts and @colorful_void_collection.

Colorful Void Collection

February 2021


Jim Richards: Refuge

March 2021


Curated by Kelly M. Coffey

Artist Showcase Solo Jim Richards

Jim Richards’ Artist Statement for Refuge in Isolation:

"In 2020 I responded to a call for entry to a show called, Refuge. I was struck by the poignancy of the show’s title, as I, like so many others, was a refugee, separated from my friends, family, work, and most of my regular life. Part of what also struck me about the show’s name was the realization I take refuge in my imagination, which really saved me during the pandemic. I was able to go to my studio, work, think and make things. My studio building was built in the late 1800’s. It’s old. Its windows are old. And I was looking out of them every day, at things I could no longer access. I looked and imagined, from my place of refuge. And I photographed the windows in the building where I make things. This body of work came from that experience. I print the windows on Pictorico, which is a clear transparency, and sew the prints into a wooden frame over a bed of wool, which adds texture to the translucent parts of the image. Wool is the stuff of dreams, filling our pillows and cradling our imaginations. Sewing is an ancient and pure form of
joinery, conventionally for fabrics. But I also use it in woodworking and bookbinding. I use doors for protection of the work because doors are portals as are windows, and I want to transport you to a different place. Also, I can’t stand looking at myself and the room behind me in the glass that protects conventionally framed things. I want you to see what you’re looking at.

I hope you enjoy the windows."

Take Pride!

June 2021

Curated by Kelly M. Coffey

Group Artists Showcase: Debut by LIB Magazine Chief Editor, John Milovcic accompanied by the return of artists Jeffrey Burdian, Emily Callaghan, Edward R. Coffey, and vedhead Photography

The moment I realized how much and often I give myself away, how often I compromise my values by staying quiet and complacent, witness how people could take credit for my merits, and how apologetic I became for even existing, I broke up with that version of me and reinvented myself.


When people wanted to control and manipulative me, they thought they could  strip me of something I love, I realized it was never mine to begin with and all I had to do was let them relieve me of the burden of their abuse that weighed me down. It wasn't until it was lifted that I became able to reclaim my self worth and take back my pride with a whole new perspective on who I want to be and what I want to accomplish as a human being.


Emergence Arts presents: Take PRIDE! 2021 - a show of resilience, taking back your pride, and living your best damn life. Don't let anybody tell you who you are, you just show up, and be spectacularly you! The world awaits!!


Exhibit Open: Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

7 P.M. at Endless Life Brewing, 585 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Muris Purpura

Emergence Arts Presents Take PRIDE!

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August 2021

Curated by Kelly M. Coffey

Group Artists Showcase: Debuts by Hannah Soule Powderly of DQYDJP and Tyler Pruyn, accompanied by returning photographer Edward R. Coffey

Muris Purpura




On exhibit at Endless Life Brewing, 585 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238


September 2021

Curated by Kelly M. Coffey

Family Photography Exhibit: Kelly M. Coffey and Edward R. Coffey


Emergence Arts and vedhead Photography Present Remembrance: World Trade Center Then & Now

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 11th, 2021 12-8 PM

Exhibit Open Daily 12-8 P.M.

Thursday, September 9th – Monday, September 13th, 2021

Emergence Arts Gallery, 587 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn

In the winter of 2021, my father Edward Coffey returned home from a trip with boxes of photographs, slides, and negatives of our ancestral history spanning well over his own seventy years. Each slide we viewed came accompanied with timeless stories my dad has shared before throughout the years.

As we sifted through thousands of images, my dad the storyteller described what growing up was like for him and my mom, their adventures in childhood, where they worked as young adults, what this city we call home looked like from the South Tower’s 107th Floor Observatory Deck in March 1976, what ultimately inspired our ancestors to settle in New York City, and what it has become today for us as a family.

This show is very much a celebration of mi familia Coffey. While on my last visit to the World Trade Center, I experienced an overwhelming sensory response, unable to stand composed on that sacred ground and not mourn openly. I simply couldn’t escape being dragged to the site’s haunting history, still to this very day memories and the shock from my 23 year old self emerge a question so often wondered, how the hell could that actually happen?

Sadly, there are no answers there. As we embark on the 20th year of one of the worst attacks on NYC, we do not gather to celebrate or mourn, we gather to exhibit strength and unity. This show is an intimate family portrait of a day in the life of my family hanging out on a winter weekend (before I was born) exploring the Twin Towers, Battery Park, and the Statue of Liberty, and creating memories that we carry with us forever. Here is a glimpse of what the World Trade Center once was and what it became, the most unexpected beauty that emerged from awful tragedy.

Emergence Arts and vedhead Photography formally invite you to a familial photographic exhibit 45 years in the making, father-daughter photographers, celebrating the resilience and spirit of NYC. Take a glimpse of what the World Trade Center looked like in March 1976, what the city looked like from the South Tower’s 107th Floor Observatory Deck, and showcase the excitement that can only be lived to ever be understood. This show is a remembrance, not an exploitation, of the lives lost that day, the pain and suffering that followed, and the change brought from September 11, 2001. It shall not be what defines New York City as indestructible, but honor the spirit of the true Knickerbockers who keep the pulse of this city beating.

About Kelly M. Coffey: “The greatest joy I have in my arts is getting absolutely lost in the creative process. As a photographer, curator, and art enthusiast, I’ve achieved more than ever imagined possible when I finally took a gigantic leap of faith straight into the unchartered waters of the art realm, devoting my life to a true passion. While it has its challenges, nothing is more rewarding than picking fruits from my labor of love. I can only grow as an artist from here.” #SupportLivingArtists

About Edward R. Coffey: Edward Coffey, born and raised New Yorker, proudly retired MTA track inspector, secret storyteller and true artist at heart. Skilled, natural born photographer passed on the creative gene to his kids and grandkids, hopefully great-grandkids. A collection of his MTA photos are currently on view at Endless Life Brewing located at 585 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216.

​Emergence Arts Gallery, 587 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238