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Emergence Arts
The Exhibits

Welcome to Emergence Arts Collective, a safe space for creatives to share resources and experiences, uplift each other through great challenges in our labors of love, and bring art and awareness into our communities.

Kelly M. Coffey is a photographer, creative healing life coach, and Founder & Director of Emergence Arts and vedhead Photography.

What has been a lifetime passion to bring arts to the masses is now my life mission. Art and photography are healing practices I’ve used to explore and realign my values and meditate, contemplate, and process life’s lessons. Art is an expression of vulnerable communications and can be used to facilitate tough and very much needed healing conversations.

Art can be culinary, musical, fashion, yoga, the printed or spoken word, as well as photography, performance, dance, and film making. Art enables us to be as strange as we want, to reconstruct our ideas – the ideas of who we are, how we identify, what our relation is to the people we pass, and pave the paths ahead of us. Art is a lifeline. It helps clear the mind, spirit, and heart so as to create space for all things fresh and new.


There’s power in the organized collective – Peace is the Mission. Are you ready to express yourself?

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