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louder now!

Happy New Year! In January 2020, I had the pleasure of curating and exhibiting my very first sola show. Three years later is when I'd be invited to do another and here I am, turning it up, getting real loud!

Emergence Arts started as a kid in the kaleidoscopic world of creative New York City armed with a camera. In pursuit of her expressive path, the world ‘s experiences outside opened her heart up to various realms of mixed media, culinary and sensory arts, and many other inspirational adventures which helped shape and navigate the intricate landscapes of the creative mind. Her journey has been a lifetime flight into limitless spaces exploring artistic endeavors while guiding others through the labyrinth of their own meaningful journeys with intuitive coaching. Join her on this visual voyage as we manifest our visions onto the canvas of creativity together.


Drawing from a wealth of lifetime experience of service, including nearly a decade in New York City, Emergence Arts extends insights, mentorship, and unwavering support to those navigating the exhilarating and ever-evolving realm known as today’s society.

Louder Now! by vedhead Photography

Exhibit Opening: January 22, 2024


Petra’s Looking Glass

60 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003


Marilyn by Degrupo, 2018

Glossy museum print 

Work: 5” x 7”

Framed and matted: 9.5” x 11.5”



Ride Naked, 2011

Glossy museum print 

Work: 8.5” x 10”

Framed and matted: 12.75” x 16.5”



Summers in New York, 2011

Glossy museum print 

Work: 18” x 26”

Framed: 20.5” x 26.5”



Uptown Grand Central Mural In Process He, 2023

Canvas print 

Work: 11” x 17”



Uptown Grand Central Mural In Process She, 2023

Canvas print 

Work: 11” x 17”



Dragonfly High, 2023

Mixed media group 

Collaboration with Visual Artists: Steve CE, Konozco, Alina Perez, Sold Out Art Show

Work: 27.75” x 21.75” 

Framed: 33.75” x 27.75” 

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