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"Popup Exhibit this weekend at Endless Life Brewing to celebrate their #FirstYearAnniversary! Congratulations Jeff @endlesslifebk - so proud of your endless devotion to your industry, partners, staff, craft, creativity, and passion!!

In The Details is a group exhibit featuring works by Julie Cousens, Tyler Pruyn, Jim Richards, Duel RIS, Nelson Host Santiago, and resident artist vedhead Photography.

In The Details is dedicated to all of you hardworking artists, designers, stage & set crews, and brewers, a tribute to all the back-end work nobody sees or thinks about except the creators. The resources we gather, the favors we call in from each other, and the commitment it takes for us to show up through thick & thin. All our agonizing that goes into the quality of producing our dream visions. Getting back up from all fumbles that make harvesting the fruits of our labor worth everything.

#THANKYOU!!!!!!!!! #InTheDetails #Emerge #Fearless"

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