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Curated by Kelly M. Coffey

Artist Showcase Solo Eric Schram

While the weather forecast this morning in Brooklyn is a whopping 18°F, Emergence Arts and Colorful Void are working to bring you the greatest Emergence Arts pop-up gallery art show virtually and beyond.


Invite vibrancy back to your daily routine by awakening your creative eye and take part in the adventures known as the Colorful Void! Introducing artwork created by Eric Schram, a Brooklyn based artist that unites abstract art with imaginative storytelling told from other worlds, paints a picture of our heroes as they embark on adventures throughout different dimensions and abstract places. There are unimaginable spectrums of stories and characters, exciting new journeys to take part in, and plenty of space create our wildest dreams - so why not start right now?


Please join us Monday, February 1st, 2021 to view the psychedelic Colorful Void Collection, chat with the artist Eric, and find out more about what adventures await beyond the void on Instagram Live: @emergence.arts and @colorful_void_collection.

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