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Curated by Kelly M. Coffey

Artist Showcase Solo Jeffrey Burdian


Growing up in New York, Jeffrey's work has been inspired by the street art and rave culture of the 1980’s and 90’s, as well as having a strong family bond being raised by a dedicated mom and father who served as an officer in the US Coast Guard. Jeffrey aims to be honest about his perception of the world around him which is shaped by the lens of New York City. He continues to present his art with the hope we strengthen the unity of our greater world following guidance of individuals like Martin Luther King Jr. With these inspirations, he seeks to spread love and kindness in the spirit of the NYC club scene he had the good fortune to experience as a youth growing up in such a diverse city.

Togetherness represents Jeffrey's courageous commitment of work toward a more unified spirit in spite of all our perceived differences. This show celebrates diversity, unity, and love!

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