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May Day is one of my favorite holidays, it rolls out the red carpet for the arrival of summer! May Day celebrates new beginnings, is joyous, rejuvenating, and a time to write our wishes down so we can manifest them to help bring arts to the community. (It also is International Workers Day, a time to reflect on workmanship and value labor.)

This May, Emergence Arts & We Do Dope $#!+!!! are pairing up to bring you dope vibes all month. We've chosen it as month of the woman artist, we plan on celebrating, and can't wait to share what's in store for you as the time gets closer!

There are many ways to express yourself—to create, as well as to form a groove, a rhythm, an enduring path of self-evolution. We Do Dope $#!+!!! is about all those ways, a collective of creators whose crafts range from music, to visual arts, to cooking. Come out for a night of self-discovery and celebration of the many ways of dopeness. Find your people, and your art!

- Words by Isaac Fried

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