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Emergence Arts Proudly Presents Isla del Encanto, a Puerto Rican art celebration coming June 2022!

Featuring works by Female Faceless, Nathan Realm Bunce, Frank Andres Gonzales, and ONe Rad Latina, and entertainment showcase curated by Rescue Poetix, Poet Laurette of Jersey City, NJ, Emergence Arts presents a show curated to show the vibrant, proud, and multi-layered elements of Puerto Rican identity in New York. These works use a variety of media and formal approaches, reflecting the particularities of the artists’ histories as they engage—playfully, satirically, seriously, sexually, demonically—with the realities of Latinx existence in New York, circa 2022.

From subversive works whose voice incites a destabilizing inversion of the images of consumer society; to vibrant paintings whose self-presentation engages boldly with the erotics of male aggression and the assertive female body; to the reincarnated mythos of ancient Orisha masks, the pieces on display cross the boundaries of history and geography to enact the numerous tactics of questioning, engaging, appreciating, and grappling with the ongoing conundrums of Puerto Rican identity.

This June, Emergence Arts invites you to take part in a group show at the Endless Life Art Gallery to celebrate Puerto Rico's brilliant heritage, rich traditions and history, and pay tribute to the Isla del Encanto. I hope this show only adds to the pride and creative joy of what it means to be part of this culture's sacred and iconic beauty!

- Words by Isaac Fried

Event is free, but donations are always welcome. Emergence Arts is a safe, supportive community for artists to fully express themselves, exchange ideas and information, make informed decisions, and step into their emerging art careers with confidence. Donations graciously enable me, the founder, director, and curator the change to keep creating opportunities for artists: group and solo exhibits, residencies, drink-n-draws, workshops, community outreach, community service, creative mentorships, partnerships, collaborations, networking events, and so much more.

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