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The creative process is not linear.

 There is no plan, there are no tools.

Artists observe, explore, and we dig.

 We dig






We excavate through the buildup daily life leaves behind, power through the deposition of dark matter. With hands and faces dirty, we extract our skeletons and use the bones to chip away at life lessons and share our wisdom, how we see what's below. We are not afraid to make mistakes or to scream or cry –

We wear our boots ‘til the soles fall off, we draw ‘til the ink goes dry, and we will endlessly seek to shine a light on our spiritual blind spots and clear away the dust so we can express ourselves.  

Clear space to make space. To manifest something from nothing. An investigative expression.

Excavation was the last grand show of 2021 at Endless Life Arts Gallery!


  • Michaelangelo Aurello,

  • Heather Rose Piper,

  • Kim Rosebud,

  • and Gothcore Photography.

Friday, December 3rd, 2021 7PM

Endless Life Brewing, 585 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

Emergence art presents excavation.png
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