What is a 'vedhead'?

vedhead is an emergence of our wild spirit when life has ripped the rug from under us.


​vedhead is about restructuring time in a safe space to restore the self after trauma, a creative sanctuary for free expression when there’s nothing left to offer, an infinite reminder to sever the anchors that weigh you down.

​vedhead is the spiritual guide empowering light, love and being fully present in the moment.

My name is Kelly M. Coffey.

I am a lot of things human, including, but not limited to a creative healing life coach who uses every medium of art to guide us to the next level of self.

I am an artist, curator, and librarian who loves what she does and does a whole lot of what she loves.

I started vedhead Photography officially in 2010, although I've been a photographer for life. Here is where I really started to create content.

I launched Emergence Arts back in 2019 before I knew it existed. Here is when I decided to do something with all my content: to exhibit it. Also discovered I had an eye to curate and create beautifully woven group shows with incredibly talented artists.

Finally, Braveheart Healing Arts came to existence in 2021 when I found my life purpose to serve the world with gifts of mentorship, empowerment, education, information, and non-judgemental, untamed, wild woman creative life coaching.

Today I use any artistic medium to connect to self and the world I live in.

I dance, cook, garden, draw, write poetry, doodle, sing (even when I don't know the words), and paint, walk, bike, take photographs.

Here is where you can get to know more about me, what I do, why I do any of it, and the services I offer through the arts and life coaching.

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Kelly M. Coffey vedhead Photography 347-495-2188 vedhead@gmail.com