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What is a 'vedhead'?

vedhead is an emergence of our wild spirit when life has ripped the rug from under us.


​vedhead is about restructuring time in a safe space to restore the self after trauma, a creative sanctuary for free expression when there’s nothing left to offer, an infinite reminder to sever the anchors that weigh you down.

​vedhead is the spiritual guide empowering light, love and being fully present in the moment.

My name is Kelly M. Coffey.

I am a lot of things human, including, but not limited to a creative healing life coach who uses every medium of art to guide us to the next level of self.

I am an artist, curator, and librarian who loves what she does and does a whole lot of what she loves.

I started vedhead Photography officially in 2010, although I've been a photographer for life. Here is where I really started to create content.

I launched Emergence Arts back in 2019 before I knew it existed. Here is when I decided to do something with all my content: to exhibit it. Also discovered I had an eye to curate and create beautifully woven group shows with incredibly talented artists.

Finally, Braveheart Healing Arts came to existence in 2021 when I found my life purpose to serve the world with gifts of mentorship, empowerment, education, information, and non-judgemental, untamed, wild woman creative life coaching.

Today I use any artistic medium to connect to self and the world I live in.

I dance, cook, garden, draw, write poetry, doodle, sing (even when I don't know the words), and paint, walk, bike, take photographs.

Here is where you can get to know more about me, what I do, why I do any of it, and the services I offer through the arts and life coaching.

Pleasure to meet you!


Photographer, Writer, Creative

I've always had a passion for the creative life.

Photography has served as my voice and expression long before its manifestations as Braveheart Healing Arts & Emergence Arts.


Some of the ways I've served as a mentor in my communities was as a tutor for ASL students, as Senior Arts Editor for LIB Magazine, and a writing coach for a community college. It's always fun, very engaging, and encourages growth.


Intuitive Life Coach

Life is tough.


It takes a lot of courage to ask for help.


Braveheart Healing Arts is a creative life coaching program using visual, culinary, fashion, movement, meditation, dance, and music arts to break down spiritual roadblocks and everything that no longer serves you.  Ease your transformation to the next phase of your life with newfound awareness and wisdom of your ever expanding relationship with self.

It's a safe space to cope, cry, heal, and get real.

Are you ready to express yourself?

Kelly Coffey determined

Curator, Librarian, Publisher



Love it so much I recruit artists to exhibit anywhere they can be seen.


Art fills the world with endless, soulful expression; it's a bridge to the depths of our inner spirits, a practice to explore & experience the world differently, with an untamed edge, amplifying our truths, owning our suffering, and creating to save our lives.


Emergence Arts is about exactly that: breaking free of fear and showing up to be spectacularly, unapologetically YOU!

Kelly M. Coffey vedhead Photography 347-495-2188

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