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Resources for HOW TO SURVIVE the Novel Coronavirus 2020 (COVID-19)

Dear Friends, I hope this post finds you safe and healthy! While Big aLICe Brewing cannot serve customers on-site in our taprooms, we are staying open for To-Go sales, as well as keeping the gallery available for viewing. Workshops and events are cancelled until further notice due to the coronavirus. However, I most definitely am planning some surprises for a virus-free near future! We encourage you to stay positive, wash your hands and use your time to be creative!

Freelancing as an artist, writer, and curator while working as a bartender has left me pretty damn broke in this pandemic. If you're like me, living day-to-day (happily), these resources should come in handy.

Some of these resources are emergency applications while others are of the regular, non-urgent variety.

I hope these help!

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