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Herstories! Celebrating Women

The current art collection Herstories! Celebrating Women is running thru May 15th, 2020. Stop into the Big aLICe Barrel Room at Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn to support very talented local artists by checking out their works.

Feel free to tag us: #BigAliceArtGallery

Herstories! is an art exhibit to celebrate International Women's Day 2020 and to accompany the release of a women inspired brew made by the ladies of Big aLICe. We came together on Galentine's Day to mill, mash, and transfer some wort after we spent several weeks brainstorming what to brew. A lovely lady Session IPA with a five-hops blend purchased from Pink Boots Society in an effort to give back to the organization was born.

Proceeds from the hops purchase help fund scholarships and educational opportunities for the members, as well as assist with local chapters' across the country with events, meetings, educational opportunities, and many other beneficial things, I imagine. (Maybe I made that whole thing up...)

The beer, which was named Bartered With Bone, was released the day after of the art event which made everything as successful as it was already special. The name was inspired by a line from a remarkable Warsan Shire poem, one which reads dark, but helps express some of what I've often been told not to feel. We chose this as a group because it's safe to say we all have.

This particular exhibition debuted two new artists: Emily Garfield and Kate Du Bois. Emily is a visual artist who creates maps of imaginary locations. Delicate, colorful, impressive detail - her pieces need to be seen to truly be appreciated, only they can take you on this journey, not anything I could write. Kate is an extraordinary macrame artist whose work can be seen as XO-Bohemia. Using only organic materials, Kate brings to life beautiful wall decorations and fashionable accessories such as earrings, air plant holders, and clutches.

Herstories! also showcased: Jim Richards, Maureen Dillon, Dante Gallo, Michael Provard (an artist I have yet to meet and hope to - I do believe he has a story) and Julie Cousens, all of whom I plan on introducing to you now that I'm back on track with writing. Definitely do not miss out on these artists as their creative visions continue to flourish.

While the achievement of inviting such talent to the gallery space is mine, the incredible work they produce is not, yet I must share how proud I am of all of these people. They met deadlines, asked questions, worked to produce new content, gathered old content, edited, printed, framed, and delivered everything needed for me to present them to the world. It's exhilarating as they challenge me as a curator and look forward to sharing this community's projects as we grow.

Please note most gallery works are for sale. Feel free to contact me at or the artists directly as per their social media pages and websites.

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