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Brooklyn Museum Online Summer Camps for Kids

From their site:

"Schedule and Weekly Themes

Monday–Friday, July 13–August 21, 10 am–1 pm

Each day, online camp begins with a welcome and warm-up art activities, followed by 90 minutes of art exploration and creation. Short breaks for stretching and snacks are included. The day ends with an art game and a reflection on the day’s art-making. Campers are placed with their age group (8–10 and 11–13) throughout the week. During art-making, campers will be broken into smaller groups for optimum support. Our weekly classes are as follows:

Seek out mythical animals and striking landscapes in our Asian art collections and bring them into your own paintings and sculptures.

Learn to build with wood, wire, and clay, inspired by the art of John Edmonds, and create unique artworks that trace your history. Access to a phone camera is needed for this week.

Come face-to-face with ancient Egypt and learn about funerary traditions of mask-making and mummification, then create a time capsule that reflects the time you’re living in.

See how African masquerade can be used for community-building and storytelling. Draw your stories with ink on paper, and then bring them to life by building your own mask.

Study the works of Jeffrey Gibson and other Indigenous artists to create paintings that express your ideas and sculptures inspired by native patterns and designs.

Explore scenes of New York in JR: Chronicles and our American Art collection. Then, grow your skills in drawing and photography as you represent the important people and places in your life. Access to a phone camera is needed for this week."

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