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Brooklyn Museum Online Summer Camps for Kids

From their site:

"Schedule and Weekly Themes

Monday–Friday, July 13–August 21, 10 am–1 pm

Each day, online camp begins with a welcome and warm-up art activities, followed by 90 minutes of art exploration and creation. Short breaks for stretching and snacks are included. The day ends with an art game and a reflection on the day’s art-making. Campers are placed with their age group (8–10 and 11–13) throughout the week. During art-making, campers will be broken into smaller groups for optimum support. Our weekly classes are as follows:

July 13–17: Flora X Fauna: Painting and Mixed Media

Seek out mythical animals and striking landscapes in our Asian art collections and bring them into your own paintings and sculptures.

July 20–24: Your Home, Your History: Drawing and Mixed Media

Learn to build with wood, wire, and clay, inspired by the art of John Edmonds, and create unique artworks that trace your history. Access to a phone camera is needed for this week.

July 27–31: Ancient Artifacts: Painting and Mixed Media

Come face-to-face with ancient Egypt and learn about funerary traditions of mask-making and mummification, then create a time capsule that reflects the time you’re living in.

August 3–7: The Stories Masks Tell: Drawing and Textile Art

See how African masquerade can be used for community-building and storytelling. Draw your stories with ink on paper, and then bring them to life by building your own mask.

August 10–14: Color Coded: Painting and Sculpture

Study the works of Jeffrey Gibson and other Indigenous artists to create paintings that express your ideas and sculptures inspired by native patterns and designs.

August 17–21: Faces and Places of NYC: Drawing and Photography

Explore scenes of New York in JR: Chronicles and our American Art collection. Then, grow your skills in drawing and photography as you represent the important people and places in your life. Access to a phone camera is needed for this week."

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