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vedhead Photography Takes the West Coast

I rarely go outside the Instagram world to promote my career's achievements, such as (but not limited to) having my self-portrait Silent Scream: Quarantine 2020 accepted into an exhibit titled Portraits in the Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA.

Very exciting news for a person who was afraid to pursue her passion in the first place, afraid of failure, all the rejections, of simply not being good enough. It's not about any of that anymore. The rejections don't make me cringe, the failures are only part of my growth and gaining experience, each step adds another part of the bigger picture and shows how much I love what I'm doing (and it loves me right back).

Thank you, Las Laguna Gallery for making a bi-coastal photographer out of me!

vedhead Photography, Silent Scream: Quarantine 2020, 2020

Contact to purchase print. All vedhead Photography artwork for sale.

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